Large centrale pe peleti companies do not maximize profits in the short term to set as high as possible at any time prices. Rather set the price with a profit margin to ensure maximum growth and maximum long-term gains.

This profit margin should be sufficient to meet its needs in order to lead to growth and expansion. When revenue from giant companies are falling, they try to retrieve an income that allows them to reach their profit by raising prices on the remaining sales.

Especially when thinking about the main strategies of a centrale pe peleti business, these goals involve the deployment of resources to achieve and main policies to be followed in applying them.

The first point to establish the right price is to determine what the goal pursued by the company: market share, price stabilization, to achieve the rate of return on investment, maximize profits, confront or avoid competition, promote the centrale pe peleti product line or survives. The determination of this goal depends on the information that your company has both external and internal environments, and should be achievable.

It is necessary to determine the costs and profits to be obtained, in addition to sales volumes to be offered to the market in accordance with the estimated demand. All these factors will determine the actual price must have the product on the market, regardless of their life cycle.

The third point is the selection of the centrale pe peleti pricing strategy. At this stage, the initial price was selected, but prices will have the product life cycle should be fixed. It is important to make a marketing plan for a product that will determine the duration in the market, volumes expected in each of its stages and the different strategies to be undertaken in each to maintain its stability.

Policy or skimming price over-valuation

When marketing specialists introduced a new product, usually follow a policy of overvaluing price or nonfat, skim the term is derived from the phrase "remove the cream from the top". The price is set at a high level, and the goal is to initially sell the centrale pe peleti product to the main market.

For this policy to be effective, certain conditions must exist, for example, the method is more appropriate when product demand tends to be rather insensitive to price. If not, the initial price could not attract enough buyers to make the product profitable. This policy is effective even when there are segments within the market prices when consumers know little about production costs and marketing thereof, and are unlikely to understand that pay too much for being among the first to purchase this item.

Finally, the price over-valuation generates the best results when there is little chance for competitors to enter the market soon.